Cryssa Bazos

I had the pleasure of getting to know E.M Powell, initially when she was one of the co-editors of the English Historical Fiction Authors blog, and continuing through our work on the HNS Social Media Team for the Historical Novelist Society. She is a bestselling author of medieval historical thrillers and has always been very generous with her time and encouragement of other writers.

I first approached E.M Powell to participate in a genre discussion about how historical fiction and historical romance often co-mingle in works not typically considered romantic. The result is this wonderful guest post about understanding one’s genre, invaluable advice for all writers!

Writing Historical Fiction: Make Sure You Write the Right Thing, by E.M Powell

Leighton-Tristan_and_Isolde-1902 Tristan and Isolde by Edmund Leighton [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons When Cryssa asked first asked me if I’d like to be interviewed on her blog, my answer was of course a…

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