One of the first thing that draws me as a reader to a book is the cover. As an author, I’m always curious about the design involved in a cover:  the colors, the fonts, the imagery, etc. The covers I share here are not a promotion for the book itself, simply an admiration of the cover or aspects of it.

SLEEP LIKE A TIGER, written by Mary Logue, illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski


My impression:  I love the whimsy and imaginative detail of children’s books, and Sleep Like a Tiger is no exception. The lines are so crisp, and the textures are vivid. The pattern of the little girl’s nightgown catches the eye, and the tiger appears sleek and soft. Each wears a crown, a pattern throughout the tale, and my favorite detail is the dolls each hold in sleep while curled up against one another:  a tiger for the little girl, a little girl for the tiger.


Cover Crush is a weekly series that originated at Flashlight Commentary. These lovely book bloggers also feature eye-catching covers:

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