Britannia’s Amazon is the fifth book in Antoine Vanner’s Dawlish Chronicles, and Captain Nicholas Dawlish’s beloved wife is given an adventure of her own while her husband is in Korea. Florence is a striking heroine—strong, caring, intelligent, and resourceful while also being utterly devoted to her husband and completely authentic to the times. Victorian England comes to life on the page with all its grit, moralism, and distinct social divides, and the mystery into which Florence is drawn is chilling and unfolds seamlessly throughout the tale. Britannia’s Amazon is a gripping read and features one of the most realistic heroines in historical fiction.


1882: Florence Dawlish stands at the quayside in Portsmouth and watches the Royal Navy’s newest cruiser, HMS Leonidas, departing under command of her husband Captain Nicholas Dawlish. Months of separation lie ahead, quiet months which she plans to fill with charitable works. Witnessing of the abduction of a young girl shatters that quiet, bringing Florence into brutal contact with the squalid underside of complacent Victorian society. With her personal loyalties challenged to the limit, and conscious that her persistence in seeking justice may damage her ambitious husband’s career, not to mention the possibility of prison for herself, Florence is drawn ever deeper into a maelstrom of corruption and violence. The enemies she faces are merciless and vicious, their identities protected by guile, power and influence. Florence has faced danger before but it was shared then with her husband Nicholas. Now she must make the hardest decisions of her life without his support. And when legal measures prove futile she must make very difficult choices…


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