Toni Mount’s The Colour of Cold Blood is an elegant murder mystery steeped in medieval and religious history. Mount’s formidable expertise on the Middle Ages is evident on the pages, and the details of life in fifteenth century London are striking and brilliantly authentic. The author’s writing style is beautiful, as artistic and expressive as her protagonist’s skill with paints. This latest installment in the Sebastian Foxley series is a delightful tale that leaves the reader anticipating the next story.

blood 11.25.08 AM

    A devilish miasma of murder and heresy lurks in the winter streets of medieval London – someone is slaying women of the night. For Seb Foxley and his brother, Jude, evil and the threat of death come close to home when Gabriel, their well-liked journeyman, is arrested as a heretic and condemned to be burned at the stake. 
    Amid a tangle of betrayal and deception, Seb tries to uncover the murderer before more women die – will he also defy the church and devise a plan to save Gabriel? 
    These are dangerous times for the young artist and those he holds dear. Treachery is everywhere, even at his own fireside… 


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