Tidewater is Libbie Hawker’s sweepingly epic recounting of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia in the early seventeenth century. Pocahontas and John Smith come to vivid life on the pages, and the story gradually builds toward the looming tragedy of two cultures in conflict. Both the colonists and the Powhatan tribe are given a full-bodied portrait, with neither taking on the role of the villain but instead each complicated, steeped in tradition, and wary of the dangers the other presents. Gripping and heartrending, Hawker’s work is a stunning addition to historical fiction.


In 1607, three ships arrive on the coast of Virginia to establish Jamestown Colony. One girl’s life—and the lives of her people—are changed forever.

To Pocahontas and her people, the Tidewater is the rightful home of the Powhatan tribe. To England, it is Virginia Territory, fertile with promise, rich with silver and gold. As Jamestown struggles to take root, John Smith knows that the only hope for survival lies with the Powhatan people. He knows, too, that they would rather see the English starve than yield their homeland to invaders. In the midst of this conflict, Pocahontas, the daughter of the great chief, forges an unlikely friendship with Smith. Their bond preserves a wary peace—but control can rest only in one nation’s hands. When that peace is broken, Pocahontas must choose between power and servitude—between self and sacrifice—for the sake of her people and her land.


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