A Song of Sixpence is the breathtaking tale of Elizabeth York and the Pretender, Perkin Warbeck. Judith Arnopp’s Elizabeth is a brilliant woman deeply devoted to her family, uneasy in her relationship with her husband, courageous and strategic as many queens were, and torn between conscience and duty. Interwoven with Elizabeth’s narrative is that of “The Boy,” an endearing but tragic figure, celebrated by some, reviled by others, trained and groomed in exile to return and claim the throne. A Song of Sixpence is grippingly memorable, empathetically and captivatingly told.


In the years after Bosworth, a small boy is ripped from his rightful place as future king of England. Years later when he reappears to take back his throne, his sister Elizabeth, now Queen to the invading King, Henry Tudor, is torn between family loyalty and duty.

As the final struggle between the houses of York and Lancaster is played out, Elizabeth is torn by conflicting loyalty, terror and unexpected love. Will Elizabeth support the man claiming to be her brother, or will she choose the king?


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